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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Oh, by the way, recently came across this clip revealing The Truth about the "moon landings".  Well worth the time to download it.

11:36:44 PM      

It was a beautiful warm November day, so we decided to go for a walk at the Manitou Point Nature Preserve.  We took the delightful trail that clings to a steep embankment covered with moss and mountain laurel right next to the Hudson River.

We chose this walk in part to visit a geocache that had been placed near the trail.  We had tried our hand at geocaching on our recent trip to the Grand Canyon, and found it to provide a great supplement to the more heavily trodden sights found in travel books.  This was our first local cache.  Casting about the house for an item to leave in the cache, I came across an old camera memory card that was too small to be of any use any longer, and hit upon the idea of filling it with a couple favorite audio tracks.  (I chose Gerard Hoffnung's hilarious "Bricklayer Story", and Grappelli and Shearing playing "I'm Coming Virginia".)  Voila, a new music file swapping network is born.

Hope to post some pics from the aforementioned Grand Canyon trip soon.

11:20:09 PM      

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