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Sunday, December 07, 2003
Henry IV, or The Colvins' Big Trip to the Big Apple in the Big Blizzard

The Colvin's had tickets to see Henry IV at Lincoln Center this past weekend. Unfortunately, it was also the weekend that a record-setting early December blizzard shut down the Northeast.  Undeterred, they saddled up the Family Truckster on Friday and braved the NJ Turnpike for nine hours and somehow made it here.

On Saturday the blizzard continued.  Undaunted, we all took the train into the city and had a wonderful time.  Saw the Holiday sights from Rockefeller Center (see photo) to Lincoln Center, had a terrific dinner at a charming restaurant called Santa Fe, and greatly enjoyed the play.  (Shakespeare's all right I guess, if you don't mind the constant use of cliches.)  Got home at 2:00AM, dug a path through a couple feet of snow to the house, and put cars and ourselves to bed.  Promised the cat we'd play with him in the morning.

On Sunday we thanked the Colvin's for coming all that way to help us dig out from the snow, agreed to call them next time a blizzard was expected, and sent them on their way.

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