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Saturday, December 11, 2004

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It seemed about time for a picture of the "pond" that this site is named after.  It's the round area in the upper middle of the picture.  I calculate it at about 300 microacres in size.  The picture was taken in late August of this past summer.  The pond contains dwarf papyrus, dwarf water lily (see a pattern here?), native pitcher plants, water lettuce, and pickerel weed.  There are actually a couple goldfish in the pond.  Surrounding the pond are coleus (bottom) and sedum (upper left).  The big rock to the right of the pond was already there sticking out of the ground next to the deck.  It dictated the position of the pond, which was about the first thing I did in the garden after moving in, and the layout of the rest of the garden more-or-less followed from there.  If that rock hadn't been there who knows how things might have turned out differently.  Thus the pond becomes a metaphor for life, choice, and destiny.  Wow.

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