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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Model Train Project, Phase One


Overall site plan for making use of one free table, one unused model train set, and one undeployed racing car set.  Race track sits on hill above train track, which goes around lake and through tunnel under race track hill.


Completed cardboard "skeleton" of race track hill, with four trial trees of three different species.  Each level is held to the one below by straps of masking tape. Yes, that's sufficient to hold skeleton together when Hudson investigates for mice.

Detail showing removeable upper level of hill to provide access to train tunnel for search and rescue operations.  Seam between upper level and lower level is hidden by race track.  Note strips of carboard folded into triangular shape serving as columns supporting each layer.  Yes, it's strong enough to support Hudson.

Next step: cover skeleton with "skin" of paper and decorate.  Add more unusual trees, whimsical buildings, cartoon people, and so on.

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