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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Try clicking on the "Nearby Sites" link over there on the left to locate this website geographically and to find other nearby sites.  To read about how this works, and what in the world is meant by the geographic location of a website when everybody knows a website is really located in cyberspace, click on over to geourl.org.

So what is this good for?  Oh.  Well, you could use it for example to find businesses and services near a particular location, for example.  So let's say you're at the Phoenix Japanese Frendship Gardens, and you click on over to geourl.org to find nearby websites.  Well lookie there, only four miles away is Tanya, Phoenix AZ Escort.  Now that's pretty useful, wouldn't you say?

11:50:56 PM      

I've finally declared my original web site at put.com (thanks Louis and Ribo) completed, and moved it over to our new domain.  You can view it by clicking on "Classic Website" over there on the left.  (Is "classic" too pretentious?)  Well, since I haven't updated it in quite a while it was really completed some time ago even though I didn't know it.  Do you suppose this might be the first completed web site in the history of the web?

10:42:59 AM      

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Priscilla says "blog" sounds like something a drunken pirate might say.  Or eat?

Sally says:

I was wondering when someone would come out with a bog blog. Of course it would be you ;)

Now we need a hog blog, a dog blog, and maybe some machinist can put up a cog blog. I guess it would take a Londoner to do a fog blog and an Olympian to do a jog blog. Up in Seattle they must have a log blog and Christmas Eve someone may do a nog blog.

3:16:45 PM      

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