Hummingbird Moths Picnic at Fort McHenry New York Wildlife
Juneau and Magic Leggins, Rover, and Turid Ellis Island & Statue  of  Liberty Warner Bros Store
Greece - Around and  about  Syros Greece - Boats Greece - Pelicans Greece - House on  Syros
Spring 99 Valentine Ben sits in a  chair 50th Anniversary
Fog City Capitol Building, Charleston WV Eric's house and cat Thanksgiving '98 in WV
Three on a seesaw Yellow Slide Wild Flowers Priscilla's Garden
Hikes - 1998 Hikes - 1998 Wildwood: Amusement pier Wildwood: Golf match
Wildwood: Kite flying Wildwood: Three hour tour Vancouver: Aquarium Vancouver: Around the city
Vancouver: Lunch Vancouver: Bear Vancouver: Museum of Anthropology ViaVoice '98 Celebration
MX-700 samples Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia Union Station, Washington DC Priscilla's Peonies
New York Botanical Garden Happy Easter! Weekend in Ohio Java One '98 in  San  Francisco
Jeff Lamp and Chairs Dinosaur
Anthony's Nose Disney World Hercules Lovebirds
Jungle Cruise The Castle The Dolphin Peaches
Mr. & Mrs. John  Haskins Look what Santa brought! Menagerie Vikings All
Thanksgiving '97 Thanksgiving '97 Thanksgiving '97 The Colvin House
Satish & Sharon &  Nikhil The Gupta Homestead Old Raleigh The North Carolina State  Legislative  Building
The Making of the  Family  Portrait Nick Ben's Birthday Whose birthday was it?
Ben Priscilla Carol comes to visit. We go to see  Man  of La Mancha.
Bruce tries out his  new  toy. Crash Diet Venus Norman Lock